Nordic style 6 hole leather dining chairs (Set of 2 Chairs)

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PVC leather

Chair size: 58.5cm*42.5cm*42cm

Colour: Black

In terms of furniture design, Nordic does not use carved patterns at all. It only uses lines and colour blocks to distinguish embellishments, transcends the elements in the industry, and uses keen vision to create fashionable, beautiful and practical furniture.


1. The shape is simple and elegant, and the sitting feeling is comfortable and the sleek curve relieves fatigue.

2. Imported environmentally friendly PU leather, anti-folding and anti-aging, feel good and easy to .

3. Thickened neutral blue sponge, low odor and good hand feeling.

4. Electroplated stainless steel body, and strive to achieve exquisite visual effects under light on the basis of firm support.

5. Precision stitching, the edges are polished and oiled three times, the edges are smooth and plump, and the adhesion is strong.

6. Ergonomics, the angle between the backrest and the seat cushion makes the spine bear less tension.

7. Thicken the steel bar, the special thickening process makes the chair legs difficult to break and bend and deform.

8. Electroplated stainless steel legs, using professional electroplating process, strive to achieve a more refined visual effect on the basis of firm support

9. Non-slip foot pad design, safe and non-slip.

The simple colours and simple design bring Nordic style, and the beauty of design interprets the style of life.

The majestic and dignified shape, simple and generous, and full outline make the classic fashion life reveal a rich and elegant atmosphere.

Minimalism has a primitive and mysterious beauty, real and free, without any cumbersome carvings.

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